18 Sep 2011

Rejections, Rejections, Rejections.

Good day first time writers.
As you can see I am covering a lot of rejections but it is something that I am familiar with when it comes to Agencies.
The thing I have learn from it is always do thorough research first about the agency who you want to submit you're query to. See how they want a query letter to look like and always make sure that you follow the guidelines
to the T. Another thing that can decline your query is make sure you got the genre right. If you don't know what genre your novel fall under and you end up sucking it out of your thumb, they will relate it to your work as well and won't even bother asking for your ms. The third big thing is grammar. I know it is a heartache and I'm struggling big time with it.
Last keep revising that query, polish it as best as you can. All of these guidelines will help with getting that forward of a ms.

Good luck and remember don't give up

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