27 Sep 2011


I got my second decline today and immediately went back to my query letter.
I must have change it like a million times. I am probably the person that has searced every
different kind of query letter but it seems that it is still not one of my strongest subjects.
I even have burn marks on my legs to prove how hard I am working just to get that one freaken yes.
I mean they do represent the genre I am writing for but just for once I wish that I could be for one day
in the mind of an agent to find out WHAT IT IS they are looking for and WHAT DO THEY WANT.
It is probably not going to help to bitch and moan about it.
Well that is one of the reason this blog was created. TO BITCH AND MOAN.
I will just have to work harder at it and hopefully someone would see the potential my story have.

I am going to crawl into bed now and try my best to FORGET about Query letter for the next 8 hours.

Don't give up though, It will happen.


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