13 Feb 2014

The Green Hills of Home by Emma Bennet

Title: The Green Hills Of Home
Author: Emma Bennet
Published: June 22, 2013
ISBN: 0781311217090 

Gwen Jones, a young Welsh writer is desperate to save the family farmhouse from being sold from under her critically ill mother and herself. When she lands a lucrative three-book deal with an eminent publisher, she thinks her problems are over. However, Gwen's need to be near her sick mother, means she's unable to travel to London to work with her devilishly desirable editor, John Thatcher, and he must come and stay with her in Wales. Handsome and eminently capable, comospolitan John is used to getting his own way and has plans for the future which certainly don't include being distracted by pretty Welsh girls; nevertheless when he journeys into the country to work with Gwen it's not long before he finds himself falling in love with her, as well as the house she's so anxious to save. But is John capable of loving anyone as much as his job? And when he has to decide between his goals and Gwen, which will he choose?
'The Green Hills of Home' - a sweet heart warming tale of duty, devotion and love.

The author gave me a copy for my honest review. I have to say I really liked this one. It's a light romance with plenty of falling in love moments.
The Green Hills of of Home is Emma Bennet's debut Novel and I think she's done a wonderful and amazing job. She capture you in the first pages with her characters and their circumstances and I've got to say that I really connect to Gwen as I'm an author myself. Her emotions and feelings were dead on. I think she had done a wonderful job with Gwen and not to mention the heart throb editor. What we authors wouldn't do to land an editor like John Thatcher.
Gwen's dog Oscar is really playing a very important role in this novel and everyone will fall in love with him and how he changes John.

I love romance but I hate the type of novels that just jump with one another into bed without even knowing who the other person is. Emma didn't do it here. Half way through the novel there isn't even any mention of falling in love etc and when it did happened it was so much more magical.
I appreciate the fact that Emma chose to do it that way. We got a chance to fall in love with Gwen and John and that says a lot.
I would recommend this novel to every one that loves a good light romance.
Nice Job Emma and good luck with your writing career.

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