22 Mar 2014

Review for Honey Chronicles by Nami Rai

This is a review only, the author hasn't publish it yet, and wanted to get some insight first.

Here are my thoughts on what I thought about this.

It, s about a nineteen year old girl who try to make it on her own. In college she met two girls that are in the exotic dancers industry. She soon need extra money to pay bills as her current job doesn't pay enough to cover everything and voila, her two girls hook her up with a job as an exotic dancer.

Now I have always been curious about this industry and I enjoyed this novel so much. The author really has an amazing story to tell and the lime light and glamor that got the mc into all sorts of scenarious are easy to relate to.

Her characters are well developed and you can hear their accents as you read their dialogue,  get a feeling of what club dancing/exotic dancers go through and see everything clear in ones head as Ms Rai descriptions are vivid.

I wish this author all the best in getting the first novel of the Honey Chronicles published.

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