6 Mar 2014

Review for Always Hers: Bedtime Stories by Edward Cole

Always Hers: Bedtime Stories and Poems (Volume 1

Title: Always Hers: Bedtime stories and Poems
Author: Edward Cole
Pages: 66
Published: April 4th 2013
Available: Amazon

Have you ever been in love? Always Hers is a unique collection of poems and short stories written by the author for his lover. The poems capture the passionate love between two truly connected people. The short stories are sexy, funny and romantic. They are erotic slices of life served up for pure enjoyment. This book is the perfect treat for lover.

I got this short stories/poem bundle for an honest review. In no way was I paid to deliver a good review and my opinion is just that. My opinion.
Edward Cole has written poems and short stories for his beloved. I wish my husband would do something like that. All the short stories are different and obviously they revolve around the topic of love. Edward Cole definitely was bestowed with plenty of love when he written this as it is evident in his writing.
He started this book with a poem called Fire. I've been recently got into poems as I need plenty of them for my fourth novel myself and fell in love with some of them deeply. Mr. Cole is definitely a poet and feel that I should share this one with you.

You are written in fire within me, 

I can feel your heat, 
My every sense craves you, 
Your body soft and sweet, 
That constellation, traced with my lips, 
Your nipples, with my tongue, 
Feel me as I lift your hips, 
Take you GentleStrong, 
Your body pulses, burn with mine, 
Flames of passion ignite, 
We come together, intertwine, 
One Soul burning bright.

If that isn't beautiful then I don't know. 

The short stories: and I know how hard it is to write one and make people connect and fall in love with your characters are erotic, but the sexy kind, not the Fifty shades of Grey BDSM. They are exciting and I still can't believe that it's actually a male that written this. 
Each story gets separated by a poem. Beautiful written like the one above and short and sweet. They are simply breath taking.
. Really I would do anything if my husband could say those words to me. hahahahaha.

Always Hers: Bedtime stories was something completely different and I would love to read something like this again soon. I give it a five star as they were easy to read, you do connect with the characters of every story and a must read for all woman and men alike.

Move over fifty shades, Edward Cole has come up with a more sexier type of erotic.

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