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Facebook page activities!!!!

Every page does something different and Two gals and plenty of girls are no different. Our days are packed with fun stuff you can participate in.
Mondays we decided to pay it forward. It's called MENTION MONDAYS and on this day we will feature one book for the entire day. If all of our followers help and share this, more eyes will see the novel and hopefully help with getting it out there.
Tuesdays we have something called TOUR BLOGGING LOVIN TUESDAYS. It will be used to introduce you to all the different virtual book tours out there and how they can help with getting your novel on a tour. As an author I found them very helpful and they reach plenty of people through one of their tours. I couldn't have done it without them as well as a couple of their bloggers. If you like to participate in one of these virtual tours, just let us know and we can help you to get in contact with the organizers. They are all lovely people.

WACKY WEDNESDAYS, everyone knows this one, you can paste a silly picture, a bitstrip of your day ( love those) or just anything you find Wac
ky that will make us laugh.
TEASER AND TRAILER THURSDAYis something new. We will feature on trailer and a teaser of a book. So please send us links to your trailers and teazers so we can add them and hopefully it will pick the curiosity of others and they'll buy your novel.

FOLLOWING FRIDAYS will go on as a like for like, any account you  would
like to add so that fans will follow, like, join add it on here. The people that is going to put on their link for that day has to follow everyone else who is on for that day. It's fun and really help with page likes, twitter likes etc.

If you want us to add your novel or participate in any of the above feel free to leave us a message on TWO GALS AND PLENTY OF BOOKS facebook page or a comment here and we'll get in touch with you to get the proper details we need.

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