18 Oct 2011


Today I am not going to talk about agencies or their rejections. I am going to write about one of the most amazing mythical creatures there are, dragons. Most of the authors has portray them as dark, evil and sinister creatures but if you go do a bit of research you will actually see that not all of them fall under that category. There are the peace loving, caring dragons that actually love humans and coexisted for thousands of years. Some dragon lovers even claim that they teach humans how to talk. According to many websites, they are also wise and friendly. They have abilities just like some gifted humans in paranormal stories and can even shape shift into a human form to hide amongst our humans. Why? Because they will do anything to be part of our world. I have created a series about them called the Dragon Glider. The first book King of Lions are complete and consists of 96 000 words. It is not my first novel I have written but it is the first one I feel has the umph to go far. It is set in modern times and plays of in a word I have created called Paegeia, hidden from the human realm. Elaina Watkins is the MC that finds herself in this world and how she is forced to come to terms that dragons are real. Not an easy task for a sixteen year old I may say and is bound to lead to a lot of disastrous and hilarious scenarios, and the best part of it, things are not what it seems. It is filled with riddles, mind games, puppy love and modern Arthurian that ends up into plenty of courage. The main plot and sub-plots have been my favorite part to write and I tried to keep everything as realistic and believable, cause that is what I love about fantasy. I hate reading these far fetch stories that makes no sense and is trying to accomplish the thought that Paegeia might actually exist.

I truly believe that my yes is just around the corner and for that purpose I won't give up.
You should do the same, and remember keep your dream alive, after all it only takes that one yes.

Till later

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