27 Feb 2012


February has come, and February is gone - almost.
There is not much that I can say about the month of love, just that I hope all of the ladies out there got spoiled rotten on the 14th, but those of you that haven't, there is always next year. My husband don't do Valentines, because he says every day should be Valentines, isn't that sweet.
Just to let you know my blog is going to take a turn. It is going to become the host of reviews as well.
Feel free if you want me to review anything and I will post what I truly think about you manuscript, short story etc.
For the rest of you, hope you enjoy the month of love and don't forget to keep sending that queries.
I am going to send mine to the query shark soon and hopefully she will tear it apart to make it better.
I feel like pulling out my hair because I don't know how to make it better so big squeeze of luck on my behalf.

Chat to you later,