7 Oct 2011

No Luck

This is going to be a long entry. As you know I am on a query war. I must have probably queried twenty agencies.
I am still waiting for some of them to get back to me but I have to say, was a little disappointed with a couple of them.
First, I need to thank those agencies that does get back to you and I don't take it personal if they say no thank you, but when they send a no thank you back and don't even know the right title, giving it a complete different name makes the wheels in my head turn.
How much time do they really spend on your query letter or do they scroll down to the paragraph about yourself, see that you are a first time writer that never published anything before and makes a decision
on that. Another agency said thanks for the look, I mean, they are editors for crying out loud and could rather say thank you for the query. I guess I should be grateful just to get something back but was a little shocked at her word use. So I started to think, maybe it isn't me, because I have send my novel out to five people that is willing to read my story and they loved it. However they did help me with a couple of things or stages of my book they think I can make it more exiting. I did that but still wonder why they are the only ones loving my story and why agents can't see what the public does. It is very frustrating at the moment and I am actually thinking of going into self publishing but am not that desperate yet.
I just have to believe that someday, in the neat future hopefully, I will get that YES.
In the mean time I am going to keep on writing and do what I love.
Remember never give up.
That's what I believe.
Cheers till later,

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