6 Jan 2012

The Dragon Glider: King of Lions

The Dragon Glider is a series that I have been writing on for some time now. It is about dragons and play off in an enchanted world called Pageia, a realm hidden from the human realm by an enchanted wall and once a human has enter they can never leave because of the wall's magic and other enchanted objects protecting this enchanted world - like the King of Lions sword. It is also the place where real life dragons roam free.
Our story starts with sixteen year old orphan Elaina Watkins that just wake up in Dragonia Academy's infirmary. She learns of her ill fate that dragons does exist and that her favorite teacher just exploded a couple hours earlier into a real life dragon saving her life from a blue one that burst through the art class after school.
When master Longwei tells her that she can never return back home Elaina had no choice but to learn what ever she can to cope with Pageia's hectic lifestyle, and of course the fact that dragons roam free. The best place to gain this survival skills is at an elite academy called Dragonia. She will learn what it takes to become a Glider (humans with the ability to bond with dragons) and because of Elaina's birthmark she is destined to become one.
Fighting with swords and casting spells is something Elaina only witnessed in the movies but here in Paegeia it is as real as breathing air.
Learning the law and way of Paegeia, she discovers that she actually fits in better this side than back home but when the King of Lions sword goes missing, Elaina knows if not retrieved back safely and soon, Paegeia's destruction is an immense possibility.
The mission has lead her straight into the dark and Sacred Cavern that beholds a magical mill pond. Once she has complete what ever hides inside the Cavern, the mill pond can show her anything her heart desires, but it's not without it's dangers; only five humans have made it out alive.
The King of Lions is the first instalment of The Dragon Glider series and the second The Wyvern is almost done. I feel really strong about this series but as you know, my queries are not so strong.
Hopefully it will all change in 2012.

For the rest of you out there that share my passion, good luck and hope that 2012 will be the year that things happen.

Cheers for now

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