3 Mar 2012

Changes are GOOD

This is just a small entry,
My blog is going to go through a lot of changes this next couple of months. I have four book reviews lined up and the first one can be reviewed in the next week.
Exciting stuff is happening this month.
I am waiting for my own review of Dragon Glider: KING OF LIONS. It is part one of my series and hope that my readers is going to love it, if not, at least I will know where to fix my novel so that it might become better.
Query shark is also in the pipelines.
I have posted my query to her and is waiting in patience.
Hope that she is going to choose it, so that I might know where my query lacks.
Like I said, exciting things are happening . . .

P.s I have received my first fan mail on face book.
My page called The Dragon Glider received it's first fan mail. It is amazing what kind of power lies in word of mouth.

Hope month of March is good for everyone out there.


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