31 Jan 2014

Once in a Blue Moon by Ken Christopher Ping

Title: Once in a Blue Moon
Author: Ken Christopher Ping
Kindle Edition
Published: May 27th 2013
Language: English
Genre: Short stories

Three short stories: Of Sand and Castles, The Mother's Day Gift and the title story, an enchanting fairytale, Once in a Blue Moon.

My Thoughts!!!

I got a free copy from Mr Ping for my honest review. Now I'm not someone that loves Short stories but I'm open to them once in a while. 
I have to say, I thought Mr. Ping had a really well grip on short stories. You can tell he has written them before and that he chooses his words and scenes perfectly.
The first stories follows two twin boys born in a very wealthy family. The father off course want them to become war heroes, etc. The younger of the twins didn't obey, his heart was kind and had a love for music and arts.

The older of the twins, Alex, was everything his father wanted, but was Alex happy at the end?
I have to admit, I didn't get the message of this short story as strongly as I got the other two.
The second story is called: A mother gift.
I actually cried in this one, especially in the end. It's about a little boy Timmy that discovered he was adopted. Not knowing what it meant he asked his mother. It basically ruined mother's day for him, but Mr. Ping once again finished it beautiful. Like I said, I actually cried in this one.

The third and last, Once in a Blue moon is the story behind the saying. It's filled with Greek mythology and the rainbow was actually a goddess in this one too. It has a beautiful message and again I absolutely adored the ending.
I wish Mr. Ping absolutely success and I recommend this to everyone, even if you don't have a love for short stories.
These three are definitely a must read!!!

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