26 Mar 2014

Gmta Publishing Presents: Deluge by Daniel Diehl

AUTHOR: Daniel Diehl 
 RELEASE DATE: 20th December 2013
BOOK GENRE: Historical Fiction/ Family Saga/ Inspirational


The story of Noah and the Great Flood is unquestionably one of the most beloved and uplifting tales from the Old Testament. Its story of spiritual awakening, family oriented values, good versus evil and the redemption of mankind has warmed the hearts of people of faith for thousands of years. While Deluge is a novelized adaptation of the scriptural story of the Great Flood, it adheres closely to the Biblical text and should find a ready market among all Christian denominations as well as the Jewish community.

‘Deluge’ deals not only with the story of the Great Flood itself, but also with the relationship between Noah’s family, who are presented here as fully-rounded human beings who find themselves caught in the unprecedented nightmare of a world-destroying flood brought on by a God whose existence they had never suspected. In counterpoint to the story’s main theme is the evolving relationship between the members of Noah’s extended family and their collective relations with a world so hostile and dangerous that God has decided to destroy human life. 
Deluge is designed as a ‘family’ book and should be accessible and acceptable to all readers over the age of 14 or 15 years and will make ideal family reading for all peoples with a faith in God’s grace. 
Considering that virtually every major culture has told the story of a great, all engulfing flood which took place at some time in the distant past, Deluge will be embraced by both conservative and liberal Christians, as well as Jews and will find a ready market among all faiths and denominations as well as those interested in ancient history in general.

Daniel Diehl is an author and investigative historian with more than thirty years experience in his field.  He has authored three novels and co-authored 20 historical based, non-fiction books (see below), written more than 170 hours of documentary television and contributed to numerous periodicals.  Mr. Diehl’s lifetime book sales exceed 200,000 English language units and his work has been translated into nine foreign languages.  He has served as historical consultant on such films as The Color Purple (Amblin Entertainment, 1986), and Darrow (PBS Television Theatre, 1991) and Baskin’s Run (Finnegan’s Wake Productions, 1994).

Dan Diehl’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/daniel.diehl.31

Deluge Website: http://deluge1.webs.com/

Twitter: @DanielDiehlBook

22 Mar 2014

Review for Honey Chronicles by Nami Rai

This is a review only, the author hasn't publish it yet, and wanted to get some insight first.

Here are my thoughts on what I thought about this.

It, s about a nineteen year old girl who try to make it on her own. In college she met two girls that are in the exotic dancers industry. She soon need extra money to pay bills as her current job doesn't pay enough to cover everything and voila, her two girls hook her up with a job as an exotic dancer.

Now I have always been curious about this industry and I enjoyed this novel so much. The author really has an amazing story to tell and the lime light and glamor that got the mc into all sorts of scenarious are easy to relate to.

Her characters are well developed and you can hear their accents as you read their dialogue,  get a feeling of what club dancing/exotic dancers go through and see everything clear in ones head as Ms Rai descriptions are vivid.

I wish this author all the best in getting the first novel of the Honey Chronicles published.

20 Mar 2014

Gmta Publishing Presents: Dark Luminance by E.M.Mcdowell

Title: Dark Luminance
Author: E.M.McDowell
Published : 19 October 2013
Publisher : Mythos Press
Available : Amazon & Barnes&Noble

Quantum energy. Unlimited power. Humanity’s salvation.

The Frameway Project promises all of this and more, and Mackland Luther is guiding the project to its final culmination. On the eve of what promises to be their biggest breakthrough, Mackland and his friends, Billy and Sean, prepare the test that will provide the almost limitless power needed to take the human race into the future.

Initial success and excitement quickly turn to horror as the Frame goes out of control, ripping Mackland and his friends from their world and depositing them in a world that is completely different yet strangely familiar. Along with Lily, a hard-charging security guard that was caught by the Frame along with them; and Grizzly, a rough yet gentle survivalist they meet in this new world, Mack and his friends must figure out some way to understand and undo whatever brought them here if they ever want to return to their own world.

But first they must survive an increasingly dangerous world full of undead drug addicts, giant mutants, and a relentless telepathic madman who will do anything to get his hands on the Frame for his own purposes.

Born and raised in Northwest Indiana, E.M. McDowell first started writing in high school, consisting primarily of sappy poems aimed at impressing girls. A four year stint in the Marine Corps pushed literary endeavors to the background, where they remained for the next twenty-odd years, until they were uncovered by a mild mid-life crisis.

Married for twenty-two years to his best friend, and blessed with two wonderful daughters, he works to balance his writing while living in a house full of women.

Site: http://erinmcdowell.blogspot.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authoremm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/E_M_McDowell


Dark Luminance is the story of Dr. Mackland Luther and his companions battling undead mutants and a telepathic madman in an attempt to get back to their own universe after an experiment gone horribly wrong.

We couldn’t get a hold of author E.M. McDowell for a one on one interview, (word is that his publisher has him chained in a dark room with nothing but a laptop and a bowl of pretzels) but we did get a few pages from the journal of Mackland Luther, found at the site of his latest experiment.

Read on for an excerpt from ‘Dark Luminance’.

Post-Experiment- Day 3 – Lunchtime

Quick update: Billy is working in the tech tent, hopefully getting the Collector fixed, Sean is awake, although still in pain, and Lily and I are supposed to head over for some weapons and guard duty this afternoon.

Also, Jerrington might be insane.

Post-Experiment- Day 4 –

Not much doubt now that Jerrington is both bat-shit crazy and somehow controlling the Psidead. I suspect he is also able to read our thoughts, at least to some extent, whenever that crawling sensation hits. I’m guessing his mental abilities come from the same drug that created the zombies, but I don’t have any proof. I don’t think it really matters, but I’d like to know for sure.

He has made it clear that he intends to use the Collector and the Frameway portal to get off this world, and I have no doubt he will simply kill us as soon as he gets what he wants. I only have a few minutes before his goons come round us up for the road trip, but I need to write down a few thoughts.

I haven’t fully processed what happened to Sean, but I’m sure it will hit me later. For now, I have to focus on getting the Collector away from Jerrington, and then getting us away. I think we can count on Ming, but we will have to wait for the right opportunity. Until then, we can only go along for the ride to Cheyenne Mountain.

The only bright spot is Lily. I feel like I am getting to know here a little more every day, and she is an amazing woman. I was beginning to think I wouldn’t find a woman that interested me after Carla, but Lily seems special in so many ways. No matter how bad this world is, I’m grateful that this accident brought her into my life. Maybe it’s selfish, but its how I feel.

In the intervening years, he has worked in various technology jobs, and is currently the technology manager for a small county government.

15 Mar 2014

Enchanted Book Promotions presents:


Title: Miyuki
Author: Veronica Bane
Genre: YA Fantasy Novella

In the town of Jericho, a group of misfit teenagers haunts the underbelly of their society. Armed with the ability to manipulate different parts of nature, these teenagers fight for their right to stay alive. In the months following an attack on their lives, danger still lurks around them. Those behind the original strike have risen from the ashes, and new powers are beginning to reveal themselves. With this mysterious threat imminent, Mara, Miyuki, and the rest of the Unusuals must stand together to fight. However, time is running out for the group, for someone—or something—is hunting them, and this time around, not all of them will survive.

Veronica Bane author picture

Author Bio

Veronica Bane grew up in San Diego, California and spent her days writing in local coffee shops and at the beach. Her writing was and has always been fed a healthy diet of chai tea lattes and film scores. She studied Creative Writing at Chapman University and now lives in Los Angeles.


Author Website: www.veronicabane.com
Mara on Amazon: http://amzn.com/0615846130

Chris moved away, urging his sore leg to move faster. But the boy had recovered, and he slammed his fist into Chris’s face and sent him tumbling to the ground. His face smacked against the concrete building. He choked on his own blood, on the cigarette smoke, on the humiliation.
                A couple passed by, eyes flitting to Chris. He met the man’s amber eyes, he opened his mouth to plead, but the couple doubled their steps and disappeared down the sidewalk without glancing back.
                “What do you say I take his pants off?”
                “Ew,” said the girl, rolling her eyes. “That’s just nasty, Wilson.”
                “Not going to do anything,” said the boy. “We could take his clothes so he has to walk home naked. Better yet, we could light them on fire.”
                The girl rolled her eyes and gave a flick of her wrist. “Do what you want, Wilson.”
                The boy grinned and reached for the top of Chris’s pants. Chris kicked back and then groaned as the pain in his leg seared.
                “Don’t make this take longer than it needs to, Native,” snapped Wilson, slapping Chris hard. “I could always light them on fire with you still wearing them, you know.”
                At once, cracks appeared in the building behind them, the sound slithering through the night. The girl lifted her head, eyes narrowing as she traced a crack erupting in the faint light.
                Wilson stopped trying to force Chris’s pants off and turned his head up to where she indicated. The building gave an unnatural moan, and then with a hiss, a pipe exploded into the night. It sent bits of concrete and dust raining over the three, and then the pipe itself ripped open. Torrents of water screamed down around them, careening into the boy and the girl and pelting them hard on their backs and shoulders. The girl screeched and dropped her cigarette, running while flailing her pale arms. The boy followed, and the water pursued them, leaving angry purple welts on their exposed skin as it chased them into the night.
                On the floor, Chris heaved, covering the back of his head with arms, but he only received a soft pattering. In the summer heat, it was a welcome rain on his bloodied skin.

12 Mar 2014

Review for The Hybrid: Book 1 by Lauren Shelton.

Title: The Hybrid:Book 1
Author: Lauren Shelton
Pages: 398
Published: August 2nd 2013

Gertrude is your average seventeen-year-old girl from southern California. She gets good grades, makes it home by curfew, and like most girls her age, she has issues with her mother. But lately, the fights between the two of them are growing worse. So bad in fact, that Gertrude finally makes the daring decision to move in with her grandparents, in another state. Upon her arrival in the small town of Woodcrest Hills, Montana, Gertrude quickly, but reluctantly befriends a group of girls who act as though they eat sugar for breakfast. But just as she begins to adjust to her new home in the secluded town, Gertrude is informed of a ridiculous and unbelievable myth, hidden behind the trees of the forest that surround her. Instantly, Gertrude is sucked in, determined to know the truth behind the rumors that have the whole town on edge. And when a mysterious and mystical stranger named Edyn, with wings shaped like leaves, comes along, risking his life by exposing not only the veracity to the legend, but secrets about Gertrude's very own past that will change her life forever, Gertrude must decide between the life she has always known, and the life that awaits her behind the trees. But will she have a choice? And will she be able to save Edyn, the man who risked everything to help her, the man she is strangely falling for, in time?

The author gave me a copy in exchange for my honest opinion. In no way was I paid or asked for a good review. 
First ,I Love reading fantasy.  It's my all time favourite genre and one I write in.
Now,  the Hybrid by Ms Shelton was a very entertaining read. I have to admit that I didn't expected the Hybrid to be such an entertaining novel.  There are so many twist and turns, an a couple I haven't seen coming at all. 

The main character is well fleshed out and easily to relate too. Even the sub - characters were well developed.
The fantasy part in this novel was my favorite. Ms. Shelton painted beautiful pictures with her words that flashes beautiful in ones mind.
If you are a fantasy freak like me, the Hybrid is a novel to read.

7 Mar 2014

Enchanted Book Promotions Presents: Release Day Party for Jessie's Choice by Amanda Nichol


About the Book

Jessie's Choice WEBSITE USEJoining TRU was a no-brainer. I needed a fresh start, and other people needed saving. I was more than happy to help.
Joining TRU meant less time to focus on her… On him… On what could have been.
Joining TRU was supposed to make me forget my past, but I didn’t…I ran right into it.
As part of an elite experimental police force, Jessica Rossi has been trained to handle any situation she encounters. For Jessie, putting away bad guys and ignoring her growing feelings for her team leader is all in a day’s work. When a new case gets a little too personal, she suddenly finds that even the best trained detectives sometimes bite off more than they can chew. With so much at stake though, she can’t afford to quit. Even if that means working side by side with the guy who ripped her heart in two… Or making a deal with the devil himself.
Three men…One thing in common…They all want her.
Some choices are simple.
This is not one of them.

Author Bio

Author PicGreetings! My name is Amanda and I am very new to the world of romance writing. During the day when I’m not chasing my two year old around or our dog Boots, you can find me glued to my computer, trying to make sense of all the crazy ideas floating around in my head. I love everything romance related, and happily ever after is a must for me. At night you can find me in bed with a glass of wine, my Kindle and my real-life Prince Charming. I hope you enjoy meeting my characters and reading their stories, just like I have. I love to meet new people, so please don’t hesitate to connect with me.


6 Mar 2014

Review for Always Hers: Bedtime Stories by Edward Cole

Always Hers: Bedtime Stories and Poems (Volume 1

Title: Always Hers: Bedtime stories and Poems
Author: Edward Cole
Pages: 66
Published: April 4th 2013
Available: Amazon

Have you ever been in love? Always Hers is a unique collection of poems and short stories written by the author for his lover. The poems capture the passionate love between two truly connected people. The short stories are sexy, funny and romantic. They are erotic slices of life served up for pure enjoyment. This book is the perfect treat for lover.

I got this short stories/poem bundle for an honest review. In no way was I paid to deliver a good review and my opinion is just that. My opinion.
Edward Cole has written poems and short stories for his beloved. I wish my husband would do something like that. All the short stories are different and obviously they revolve around the topic of love. Edward Cole definitely was bestowed with plenty of love when he written this as it is evident in his writing.
He started this book with a poem called Fire. I've been recently got into poems as I need plenty of them for my fourth novel myself and fell in love with some of them deeply. Mr. Cole is definitely a poet and feel that I should share this one with you.

You are written in fire within me, 

I can feel your heat, 
My every sense craves you, 
Your body soft and sweet, 
That constellation, traced with my lips, 
Your nipples, with my tongue, 
Feel me as I lift your hips, 
Take you GentleStrong, 
Your body pulses, burn with mine, 
Flames of passion ignite, 
We come together, intertwine, 
One Soul burning bright.

If that isn't beautiful then I don't know. 

The short stories: and I know how hard it is to write one and make people connect and fall in love with your characters are erotic, but the sexy kind, not the Fifty shades of Grey BDSM. They are exciting and I still can't believe that it's actually a male that written this. 
Each story gets separated by a poem. Beautiful written like the one above and short and sweet. They are simply breath taking.
. Really I would do anything if my husband could say those words to me. hahahahaha.

Always Hers: Bedtime stories was something completely different and I would love to read something like this again soon. I give it a five star as they were easy to read, you do connect with the characters of every story and a must read for all woman and men alike.

Move over fifty shades, Edward Cole has come up with a more sexier type of erotic.

5 Mar 2014

RBTL Presents: Blitz tour for Fated Mates and Love Charms Boxed Sets

Title: Fated Mates
Series/Stand Alones: The Alpha Shifters Box Set
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Shifters
Release Date: Mar 4 2014
If you like your men dark, dangerous and alpha, this exclusive shifter romance boxed set is for you. Featuring hot stories from popular New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble bestselling authors, including Adriana Hunter, Liliana Rhodes, Lynn Red, A.T Mitchell and more, these steamy books and alpha shifters will be sure to whet your appetite and leave you howling for more.
12 scorching shifter romances for ONLY 99 cents! LIMITED TIME ONLY! (REGULAR PRICE: $9.99)

All American Wolf by Adriana Hunter: If Serena's not careful she may lose her heart to Brody Sullivan - the dangerously possessive stranger who is willing to break every one of her rules.
Charming the Alpha   by Liliana Rhodes: Hannah Crane's ordinary life changes after she meets Alpha wolf Caleb. As the center of a centuries old curse, is Hannah a wolf charmer or Caleb's fated mate?
Change For Me by Lynn Red: Motorcycle riding, tattooed bad boy alpha werewolf fights to save his mate from his terrifying rival. Steamy, seductive, sensual werewolf romance.
Bear King's Curves A BBW Werebear Shifter Romance by A.T. Mitchell: Curvy Lyla's bad attitude toward bears is about to change. Destiny blind Nick is the Alpha to do it, no matter how much passion, mystery, and danger it means...
The Alpha's Mate by Michelle Fox: Chloe Weiss has finally met the mate of her dreams, but jealousy in the pack and a murderer on the loose make for a dangerous 'happily ever after.'
Romancing the Wolf (BBW/Werewolf Romance) by Skye Eagleday: The romantic adventures of two curvy sisters and one hot pack: Can the werewolves survive Bree and her sassy sister?
Witchy Wolf by Alexis Dare: A brutal attack alters Chloe’s life. As her world crumbles, biker Gabe steps in to pick up the pieces. Can he save her from the danger lurking in the shadows?
Delicate Freakn' Flower by Eve Langlais: Can a pair of hunky shapeshifting jocks convince a not-so delicate freakn’ flower that they can handle her thorns—and her passion?
The Alpha Claims A Mate   by Georgette St. Clair: Curvy Ginger Colby accidentally insulted the Alpha of the local pack when she rejected him at the local honky tonk-and now he's seeking delicious, sexy revenge.
A Change To Bear (Last of the Shapeshifters) by A.E. Grace: Liam, shapeshifter, is on the run. Hunted by a man who will hurt anyone he cares for, it's why he can't fall in love. Until he meets a curvy Terry Spencer...

Book Links

Title: Love Charms
 Series/Stand Alones: A Paranormal Romance Box Set
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: Mar 4 2014
Escape into the world of paranormal romance, a magical journey featuring delicious demons, wanton witches, zealous zombies and more that promise you a hauntingly good time! Featuring spell-binding novels from popular New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble bestselling authors, including Ava Catori, Selena Kitt, Cerys du Lys, Deanna Roy and more, these enchanting books will be sure to charm, beguile and bewitch you!

 9 scorching shifter romances for ONLY 99 cents! LIMITED TIME ONLY! (REGULAR PRICE: $9.99)

Blinded by Magic A Witch Romance by Ava Catori: Raven's weakness is mortal men. She’s fallen hard for Derek. There’s just one problem, he doesn’t know she’s a witch. Can he accept her truth or will their relationship crumble? 
Blind Date by Selena Kitt: Selena Kitt’s Blind Date ventures into the strange and surreal realm of magical realism in a hot Valentine’s Day romance that takes on the classic Greek myth of Eros and Psyche.
Breathless by Cerys du Lys: Sadie and Evan live in different worlds. Brought together by fate, and held there by hope, can they bridge the gap dividing humanity, or will long held fears and prejudice force them apart forever?
The Passion Cure by Deanna Roy: Jet is a Nix, an outcast enchantress with zero power. To conjure a love spell to save her family, she seduces a handsome enchanter who is willing to break the rules, and possibly, her heart.
A Demon and His Witch by Eve Langlais: Remy’s seen a lot during his tenure in Lucifer’s guard, but nothing can prepare him for the witch with the acerbic tongue--and voluptuous figure. Can he convince her to love him and not kill him?
Psychic Appeal by Michelle McCleod: "Psychic Sofia Parker has fallen in love, a problem because her new relationship drives the lovesick ghost of her ex-boyfriend to come back from the dead...anyway he can.
The Warlord's Concubine by J.E. & M. Keep: As a servant to the princess for much of her life, Mirella sees the conquest of the land as an opportunity to elevate herself. Does she have what it takes to win the love of the brutal conqueror?"
Memoir of a Reluctant Shaman by Ty Nolan: When his love spell goes wrong, our hero is exiled to be fully initiated as a Shaman in this spicy tale of New Orleans Voodoo and Native American magic.

Book Links


Love Charms http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IS97NMS/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00HJ70K2U&linkCode=as2&tag=theromancereview Fated Mates http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IT03ZNM/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00IT03ZNM&linkCode=as2&tag=besbabtoyandc-20 Rafflecopter http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/e05c900/

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