12 Mar 2014

Review for The Hybrid: Book 1 by Lauren Shelton.

Title: The Hybrid:Book 1
Author: Lauren Shelton
Pages: 398
Published: August 2nd 2013

Gertrude is your average seventeen-year-old girl from southern California. She gets good grades, makes it home by curfew, and like most girls her age, she has issues with her mother. But lately, the fights between the two of them are growing worse. So bad in fact, that Gertrude finally makes the daring decision to move in with her grandparents, in another state. Upon her arrival in the small town of Woodcrest Hills, Montana, Gertrude quickly, but reluctantly befriends a group of girls who act as though they eat sugar for breakfast. But just as she begins to adjust to her new home in the secluded town, Gertrude is informed of a ridiculous and unbelievable myth, hidden behind the trees of the forest that surround her. Instantly, Gertrude is sucked in, determined to know the truth behind the rumors that have the whole town on edge. And when a mysterious and mystical stranger named Edyn, with wings shaped like leaves, comes along, risking his life by exposing not only the veracity to the legend, but secrets about Gertrude's very own past that will change her life forever, Gertrude must decide between the life she has always known, and the life that awaits her behind the trees. But will she have a choice? And will she be able to save Edyn, the man who risked everything to help her, the man she is strangely falling for, in time?

The author gave me a copy in exchange for my honest opinion. In no way was I paid or asked for a good review. 
First ,I Love reading fantasy.  It's my all time favourite genre and one I write in.
Now,  the Hybrid by Ms Shelton was a very entertaining read. I have to admit that I didn't expected the Hybrid to be such an entertaining novel.  There are so many twist and turns, an a couple I haven't seen coming at all. 

The main character is well fleshed out and easily to relate too. Even the sub - characters were well developed.
The fantasy part in this novel was my favorite. Ms. Shelton painted beautiful pictures with her words that flashes beautiful in ones mind.
If you are a fantasy freak like me, the Hybrid is a novel to read.

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