11 Jul 2014

Review for Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Again, I'm a bit late when it comes to block buster movies/books. I know Lea is crazy about this series and it didn't pulled me in at that time. I guess too much vamps at that stage, but when I saw the movie, actually saw this one, I had to read the novel.

Okay so what did I think.

The movie was much better. There is a couple of things in the book that I didn't like, which wasn't in the movie and think if the author written the book like the movie, I would absolutely gave it a five, but she didn't. 

I didn't mind the swearing, I didn't mind the mentioning of sex or the drooling over every second guy, what I didn't like was so much more personal too me and I don't know why writers have to use that word. You guessed it right. Love Stephen King but using the JC word out of contest, or even the G. O. D. word out of contest is a big let down for me. Rather use swearwords, it's better than those two words.

Still loved the story line, loved the characters accept for Rose. The girl in the movie made her so strong, kick ass strong which I absolutely loved, but the one in the novel was slightly annoying, although I did laugh at her funny comebacks now and again.

Will I carry on reading this, you bet. I can't wait to find out what will happen in book two, Frostibite reading blurbs I know someone I really like is going to die in this one, which I don't like, but hey characters do whatever they want and I know the author sometimes doesn't have much control over that.

Now what I loved about this story is that it follows seventeen-year-old Rose Hathaway. She is a Damphir Novice, meaning that she is training to become a Guardian for her Maroi princess and best friend Vasalissa, 'Lissa' which she shared a really deep connection with - just to let you know these connection are very rare.

They ran away from Snt Vladimir's Academy Two years ago, and the Guardians finally caught them and dragged them back to Snt Vladimir's Academy.

It's you typical teenage story, which I love, but some of the characters can get a bit too much in this case, it was Rose, but hey, all books have them. On the other hand she is a kick ass heroin that I would like to know better and hopefully her crush on the gorgeous Dimitri will help her to grow up a little.

It's a novel I think most will enjoy, I certainly did most of the time and if you haven't read it yet, well, go grab a copy and read it.

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