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Two gals and plenty of books are currently run by two gals who love to read and write and who also love virtual book tours. It was started as Confessions of a fantasy writer but due to what we love, we changed it into a reviewing site for novels and everything that went with it.

Erika: I'm a mom of two little girls and write novel under many pen names. I do believe to pay it forward and this site is mainly for that.

I love YA
          Romance, (and erotica.)
          Woman's Fiction
          Urban Fantasy
I do not have a love for Sci-fiction - it's a big no for me, but I know Lea love it if it's not too far fetched. I gave it a try and although there are really great Sci-fiction stories out there, I can't develop a love for them, so please don't mail me with Sci-fiction.

Anything else, I will give it a thought and I'll let you know.
I'm also addicted to coffee, my kids, my hubby and virtual book tours. So if you like me to participate in a tour, just let me know.
You can email me at erichbester@hotmail.com with Review in the sub title. Tell me about your novel etc and I'll get back to you

Lea: I'm a mom, a wife, and a writer that believes in what you put out, you'll get back. I'll read almost anything.
My favorite Genres are: YA
                                     Sci-fi (not too far fetched)
                                     Non-fiction (if it's good)

When I'm not reading, writing or playing house I like to paint, watch movies and drink coffee and wine. If you want me to do a review, drop me a mail at Cherry.leandri@gmail.com with the subject being "Review" and tell me about your book, add a cover and a synopsis. I love to hear from you.

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