23 Sep 2011

Synopsis, Urgh!

Good day people,

I guess you can see what is on my mind today. Yes, it is the one thing every single author hates. The reason why, because how the hell can you summarize your entire manuscript of 100 000 words into 1 000. It is crazy difficult and a lot of writers don't know how to do that.
I think that I have found a method that makes a synopsis as easy as riding a bike.

I use to not query agencies that asked for one but decided to tackle it and get it over and done with.
I thought that it is going to take months because it just sound impossible, but to be honest I actually loved doing it.
The best way to know what needs to go into your synopsis, is to think about your story, real fast. What is the main elements. Write then down. Step two is to put them in order so your story moves forward. Once you got that, put a small introduction and an end. Voilla, you have your synopsis, now polish it and send it to all the agencies you used to overlook because of a stupid synopsis.

Good luck and hope that you are going to start enjoying you Synopsis.

Till later,

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