5 Apr 2012


A couple of weeks ago, Kristine asked a couple of people to read Deadly Obsessions and give her our honest opinion.
My opinions are always honest and I have to say well done to this author. She is self published and to be honest I don't understand why she doesn't have an agent.
This story has gripped me immediately and the funny part is, its not usually the kind of story I will pick to take home. The way her characters are developed gets a full A+. Her description on senses and emotions are to the t as well and I will recommend this story to anyone I know.
Deadly Obsessions reminds me a lot about Steven King's Misery. Its the same scary type of stalking but without the physical abuse. Kristine is a really good story teller and she hooked me from the very first page, the latter not easily done.
How ever with the good comes the bad.
Although I really did enjoy this story, I find that there was way too many bed room scenes, which might frustrate a couple of readers, but in the same breath I have to say, her sex scenes were executed perfectly.
The other thing that I found disappointed was that I already knew who the stalker was by chapter Five. I did wish by some miracle she would twist things around and end up prove me wrong but at the end felt that he story was a bit predictable. If it was the other way around, she would had a best best seller.
Don't get me wrong though.
I do love this story and can even see it as a forth coming on the big screen. Just felt that it lack a couple of things, but that is only my opinion.
Will read another story written by her anytime and feel that one day we will see one of her books on the big screen.
Well done Kristine and keep up the good work.

Your newest fan.
Isabella W.

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