14 Jul 2012

The Last review of John and Mike

Hi Isa

We have finished your book, I think you got something you can be proud of, we had a last discussion about your book, so it comes here:

01[18:09] <John> Did you like the glider story?
[18:09] <Mike> i spose some sadists would like doing it
[18:09] <Mike> yes , it got better :)
01[18:10] <John> I thought the last 33% was very good
[18:10] <Mike> there was less of the girly chatter , and more action :)
01[18:10] <John> Yes there was
[18:10] <Mike> and it did end reasonable
01[18:11] <John> Yes no cliffhangers :)
[18:11] <Mike> just the hint of more to come - which is good :)
[18:11] <Mike> though it still isnt aimed at me :)
01[18:12]  <John>  did the book make you want to read the next?
[18:13] <Mike> well for curiosity
[18:13] <Mike> but it would if i was a young teenage girl :)
01[18:13]  <John>  Yes I think it is good for teenagers
01[18:13]  <John>  is there anything that bothered you about the last part we read?
[18:14] <Mike> and the english was improved , though i seemed to get used to it the last third
[18:14] <Mike> nothing immediate comes to mind
01[18:15]  <John>  I didnt think there was anything boring about the end part
[18:15] <Mike> it was a nice twist that the king of lions was a few things
01[18:15]  <John>  I was curious to see how it would end, I think it was a good ending
[18:16] <Mike> and i liked that their perfectly? :) formed plans came to nought , but they succeeded anyway
01[18:16]  <John>  Yes it is good with twists
[18:16] <Mike> oh - i remember what i didnt like
01[18:16]  <John>  Thats good too it wasnt too easy
[18:16] <Mike> everything finished where she got stabbed
[18:17] <Mike> we didnt find out the rest till all - but brian - were safe
[18:17] <Mike> it would have been better if the story continued at the point where she got stabbed , even if she was out of it
01[18:18] <John>  I didnt think about that, but that might have been more catching for the reader
01[18:19]  <John>  also to feel sad about Brian dying and that if they had it described in their mental movie
[18:20] <Mike> i didnt feel a lot sad about brian dying - he wasnt a main character
01[18:21]  <John>  no he wasnt
01[18:21]  <John>  so did you like the quests that Elaina had to go though?
[18:22] <Mike> too many were just riddles i thought
01[18:22]  <John>  Yes they were riddles but I think that was fine
[18:23] <Mike> i did get the nothing one :) - i probably heard it before
01[18:23]  <John>  it is like having a mini riddle book after reading the book I think
01[18:26]  <John>  I think it was a good love story too
[18:27] <Mike> yes , but as i think you mentioned before - there may be a love triangle/quadrangle even :)
[18:27] <Mike> she gets hot over blake too :)
01[18:27]  <John>  I think so but that will ahve to be for next book
[18:27] <Mike> i think she will prabably claim blake
01[18:28]  <John>  Yes I think so too
[18:28] <Mike> and she is probably a long lost daughter of royalty
01[18:28] <John>  Yes thats the guess :)
[18:28] <Mike> a descendant of katherine :)
01[18:29]  <John>  she even knows how to handle the same weapon as Katherine and she was asked during the quests if she had been there before so it is getting obvious
[18:30] <Mike> yes , and the cavern quest
[18:31] <Mike> i dont think i would like double axes as a main weapon
[18:31] <Mike> the throwing bit would be okay , but not if you only had two axes :)
01[18:32]  <John>  well it is a good way to make her speciel
[18:32] <Mike> and nearly fearless - she has to get real close :)
01[18:32]  <John>  that too
[18:33] <Mike> i would prefer a longer reach arm - preferably a high power sniper rifle :)
[18:33] <Mike> or at least bow and arrows like katniss
[18:34] <Mike> i used to be good with a spear - even before any arms training - from when little when i went bush
01[18:34]  <John>  that is safer
[18:34] <Mike> but with a spear anyone can dodge
01[18:35]  <John>  they can?
[18:35] <Mike> and there are better close up weapons than a spear
01[18:35]  <John>  How will you rate the story?
[18:35] <Mike> maybe not in the midst ove a big battle , but one on one you can see the spear coming
[18:36] <Mike> i have to give it seperate ratings
[18:36] <Mike> do i count the spelling/grammar ?
[18:36] <Mike> no , i wont
01[18:36]  <John>  no leave that out of it
[18:37] <Mike> but for a young girl i say a good 8 1/2
[18:37] <Mike> but for me just a 7
[18:37] <Mike> and only because the last 1/3 was better
01[18:38]  <John>  I give it 7 too but I think it can easily be improved with some changes to 8
[18:38] <Mike> yes
[18:39] <Mike> you arnt exactly the demographic for the story either :)
01[18:39]  <John>  no I am not a teenager anymore
[18:39] <Mike> but you are a lot closer than me :)
01[18:39]  <John>  although I like a lot of young adult books
[18:40] <Mike> yes , and as i keep saying - they dont seem young adult to me :)
[18:40] <Mike> oh - i did notice in gliders there was an actual 'f' word :)
01[18:40]  <John>  maybe if she lets Elaina grow up with the next books then it can get more older young adult
01[18:41]  <John>  like J.K. Rowling did with Harry Potter
[18:41] <Mike> that would be good - as long as each book finishes
01[18:41]  <John>  Yes you dont like cliffhangers :)
[18:41] <Mike> no - often its crass comercialism

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